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Woodland Dunes Nature Center and Preserve

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Woodland Dunes Nature Center and Preserve contains over 1,500 acres of hardwood & conifer forests, wetlands, and prairies located between Two Rivers and Manitowoc Wisconsin with 7 miles of hiking trails to enjoy.


Take a stroll, have a look, and listen to the wonders that are found here. Our 14 ridges and swales are home and important stopover habitat to neo-tropical songbirds, Monarch butterflies, bats, amphibians, mammals and over 400 plant species. This rare land and its creatures attract thousands of visitors year-round and serves as an interactive outdoor classroom for thousands of students in the region.

Why does Woodland Dunes participate in TRBA?

We see ourselves as a vital part of our community: adding to its vibrancy, welfare, education and quality of life. We’re a world-wide natural tourist attraction that brings thousands of visitors to the community. Although we are a non-profit business, we are still a business with focused community goals.

How large is the staff? Are you hiring?

We have 4 full-time employees with 2 part-time staff. We are currently not hiring, but we welcome interns.

What’s something you wish more people in Two Rivers knew about Woodland Dunes?

We have an economic impact of roughly $800,000 annually. We’re an invaluable asset to this community.

What are your plans for growth in 2020?

Growth is such an exciting verb and we are thrilled to be a part of it!


We’ll continue to offer nature-based events on the preserve and in our education-based programming. It’ll be exciting to see how eco-tourism and our part in it, such as kayaking and the use of the Twin Rivers Water Trail, will continue to develop in Two Rivers.


We’ve built our foundation on the bricks of a late 1800s farmhouse; however, the Nature Center has grown beyond the house’s capacity. We are currently going through facility upgrades, improving our parking, and adding additional educational and community meeting space.


Our $2.2 million campaign is focused on sustaining the achievements of the past while effectively addressing the organization’s important future opportunities – to serve more guests and educate more children.

How can people learn more about Woodland Dunes and follow your updates?

Follow us on Facebook


Visit our website for activities, events and information.

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